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  • What if I Already Had my Baby and I'm in Need of a Postpartum Doula Now?
    That's okay! If you already had your baby/babies and feel like you could benefit from postpartum doula services, contact me as soon as possible. Once we meet each other and go over your needs, I could potentially start right away. Don't feel like you can't hire a Postpartum Doula after birth. Many of us can't anticipate our needs until we need it, and I am here to help!
  • What is a Postpartum Doula?
    A Postpartum Doula is a trained professional that supports the new mom and family in the best ways possible during the postpartum time. Everyone prepares for labor and birth but not enough of us are fully prepared for after the baby comes home. It is so exciting to welcome that new tiny family member, but it can also be an exhausting, overwhelming, and all-consuming experience. When you hire me as your Postpartum Doula, I am available to you through text and phone 24/7 to support you in times when I'm not there and answer any questions you may have. In-person support can include daytime or overnight care, or both! This includes taking care of small errands, watching siblings so you can take time to yourself, staying with Baby overnight so you can get a full night's rest, and assisting with any questions or other support you may need.
  • When is the Best Time to Hire a Postpartum Doula?
    Preparing for postpartum should take place while preparing for birth and is as equally important. The best time to reach out would be prenatally so we can meet and have a plan for after your baby is home, and you can focus on you and your little one. Postpartum services can start as early as 1 day postpartum. However, if you're already days or weeks postpartum and need support right away, we can set up a time to meet in no time so I can come in and help support your needs.
  • What if I Only Need a Doula for a Small Amount of Time?
    Depending on availability, I am able to work around your needs and schedule. If you feel you could benefit more from certain daytime hours for a week or two, we can go over that. If we start doing daytime visits and you realize you could benefit more from overnights, we can change it! My goal is to support you in the best way possible and being flexible is what it is all about. We can schedule a consult and come up with a plan that fits your needs.
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